Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Animation Fun Facts for April 2, 2014 weds

Birthdays: Frankish Emperor Charlemagne, Giacomo Casanova, Hans Christian Andersen, Marvin Gaye, Emile Zola, Max Ernst, Buddy Ebsen, Sir Alec Guinness would be 100, Frederick Bartholdi, Emmy Lou Harris, Linda Hunt, Isaiah Washington, Karl Castle.

1943- Disney short 'Private Pluto' the first Chip & Dale cartoon.

1974-While actor David Niven was speaking at the Academy Awards telecast a nude streaker ran past him on nationwide television. Mr. Niven, completely unflustered, dryly commented: "Pity that The only laugh that man will ever get is by stripping off his clothes and showing off his shortcomings. "

1978-The TV show "Dallas" debuts.

2004- Walt Disney Studio released Home on the Range.

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