Monday, April 18, 2016

Animation Fun Facts for April 18, 2016

Birthdays: Lucrezia Borgia, Franz Von Suppe’, Haley Mills, Leopold Stokowski, Miklos Rosza, Herb Sorell, Wahoo Sam Crawford, Conan O’Brien is 53, James Woods is 69, Eric Roberts, Rick Moranis is 64, Maria Bello is 49, David Tennant is 45.

1914-. The full feature length movie premiered in Turin, Italy. "Cabiria" directed by Giovane Patrone. It was believed to be the first full length movie ever until the discovery of a 1912 version of Quo Vadis.  D.W. Griffith’s 1915 classic the Birth of a Nation popularized the format for feature films.

1983- The Disney Channel went on the air.

1994- Disney’s first theatrical musical based on an animated film,  Beauty and the Beast A New Musical, opened on Broadway.

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