Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Animation Fun Facts for Dec 8, 2015

Birthdays: Sappho, John Milton, Jean De Brunhoff, Emile Waldteufel the composer of the Skaters Waltz, Admiral Grace Hopper 1906 who wrote the earliest computer language, Elzie Segar the creator of Popeye, Hermoinie Gingold, Dalton Trumbo, John Cassavettes, Broderick Crawford, Dick Butkus, , Red Foxx, Cesar Franck, John Malkovich is 62, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Buck Henry is 85, Felicity Huffman, Mario Cantone, Judy Dench is 81, Kirk Douglas-born Issur Danielevitch is 99

1936- The first cookery show appeared on British television.

1946- Damon Runyon died, the writer whose characters the musical "Guys and
Dolls' are based. His philosophy:  "All life is six to five against."

1948-Actor Ossie Davis married actress Ruby Dee.

1960-  Coronation Street premiered on British ITV.

1964-John Coltrane recorded his landmark jazz album “The Love Supreme”. Late on
foggy nights Trane liked to take his saxophone out onto the middle of San Francisco’s
Golden Gate Bridge and practice by himself. 

FIFTY YEAR AG0 1965- Bill Melendez's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" the first half hour animated t.v. special featuring the music of Vince Guaraldi.  Producer Lee Mendelson had heard Guaraldi's jazz combo perform in San Francisco. He never scored a
film before:" How many yards of music do you want?" A Charlie Brown Christmas has run every year for 49 years.

1967- At a Doors concert lead singer Jim Morrison was sprayed with mace and arrested
by Miami police for “lewd behavior” on stage, but probably more for referring to
the cops as pigs.

1968- Douglas Engelbardt of Stanford held the Mother of All Demos at Brooks Hall in SF.

1994- Disney Animators in California move into their new Animation building designed
by Robert Stern.

2340- Mr Worf, the Klingon officer of Star Trek Next Generation was born.

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