Thursday, November 6, 2014

Animation Fun Facts for Nov 6, 2014

Birthdays: Sophocles 495BC, Joanna La Loca (the Mad- 1479), John Phillip Sousa, Joseph Smith the founder of Mormonism, Ignacz Paderewski, Charles Dow of Dow Jones, Adolphus Sax inventor of the Saxophone, James Naismith the inventor of Basketball, Mike Nichols, Edsel Ford, animator Ed Rehberg, Sally Field is 68, Ray Coniff, John Olsen of the comedy duo Olsen & Johnson, Harold Ross the founder of the New Yorker magazine, Jonathan Harris, Maria Shriver is 58, Rebecca Romjin is 42, Emma Stone is 26

1566-Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe got his nose cut off in a duel. He got into an argument with another scientist named Manderup Parsbjerg and they reached for their  swords. Thereafter he wore a gold cup over the scar held in place by a string.

1936-The Screen Children's Guild chartered.

1975- First appearance of the Punk band the Sex Pistols.

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