Saturday, September 13, 2014

Animation Fun Facts for Sept 13, 2014

Birthdays: Gen "BlackJack" Pershing, Clara Schumann, Milton Hershey, Arnold Schoenburg, Yma Sumac, Jacqueline Bissett is 70, Frank Marshal, Laura Secord, Jesse L. Lasky, Richard Kiel,  Maurice Jarre, author Roald Dahl, animator Don Bluth is 77, Fred Silverman “The Man with the Golden Gut.” Tyler Perry is 45

1928- Riding high on their big hit film the Jazz Singer, the Warner Bros. buy out First National Pictures and move into their big Burbank studio lot, where they still are today.

1961- TV sitcom Car 54, Where Are You? debuted.

1969-Hanna Barbera's "Scooby-Doo,where are you?" and "Dastardly and Mutley and their Flying Machines" premiered.

1974- The Rockford Files TV series with James Garner debut.

1979- Animator Don Bluth quits Walt Disney Studios taking a third of the top artists with him. Bluth becomes Disney's most serious rival since Max Fleischer and helps sparked the animation renaissance of the 1990s. A whole new group of young talent, "bluthies", exert great influence throughout the animation business.

1993- Animaniacs premiered.

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