Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Animation Fun Facts for July 22, 2014 tues.

History for 7/22/2014
Birthdays: Emma Lazarus, Eduard Hopper, Gregor Mendel, Alexander Calder, James Whale, Oscar De La Renta, Rose Kennedy, Stephen Vincent Benet, Jason Robards, Bob Dole, David Spade is 50, Terence Stamp is 76, Danny Glover is 68, Alex Trebek, Bobby Sherman, Don Henley, Disney musical composer Alan Mencken, Irene Bedard to voice of Disney's Pocahontas, William Dafoe is 59, John Leguizamo, Selena Gomez, Albert Brooks is 67- the voice of Marlin in Finding Nemo

1598- William Shakespeare lists on the Stationers Register, a sort of copyright registry, his new play The Merchant of Venice.

1921- Artist Man Ray arrived in Paris determined to go Dada!

1965- Cary Grant married Dyan Cannon.

1967- Jimi Hendrix quit as opening act for the Monkees.

1977- Walt Disney’s film "The Rescuers" featuring the last work of Disney
master animator Milt Kahl.

1989- Nintendo released in America the Gameboy. Designer Gunpei Yokoi designed it and the unique cross shaped directional fingerpad to replace a joystick control.  Yokoi in 1997 was killed in a car accident outside Kyoto.

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