Saturday, February 22, 2014

Animation Fun Facts for Feb 22, 2014

Birthdays: Hungarian King Ladislas the Posthumous-1440, Shah Tahmasp Ist-1514, George Washington, Frederic Chopin, Edward St. Vincent Millay, John Mills, Edward Gorey, Luis Bunuel, Ted Kennedy, Dr. J- Julius Erving, Dwight Frye- Renfield in Dracula, Sparky Anderson, Sheldon Leonard, Charlie O. Finley, Nicky Lauda, Don Pardo, Jonathan Demme, Jeri Ryan, Lea Salonga the voice of Muhlan, Kyle McLachlan is 53, Rachael Dratch, Steve Erwin, Drew Barrymore is 37

1732-GEORGE WASHINGTON born- Until 1969 Washington’s Birthday was a national holiday in the USA. Alexander Hamilton, called him "Talented but Dull". Thomas Paine's called him: "A compleate hippocryte". John Adams called him “Old Muttonhead” that he’d rather strike leadership poses than actually lead, But Thomas Jefferson called him the" Indispensable Man" who assured that this strange new system of elected president would not lapse into a dictatorship or royalty.

SO HERE’S TO a General who lost more battles than won them,
-Who donated much of his personal fortune to the Revolution, accepted no pay, yet ended the war with a profit;
 -who had a whiskey still at Mt. Vernon, and grew hemp -for rope;
 -Who had few close friends and despised people touching him;
 -Who’s first real ambition was to be an officer in the British Army.
- Who much preferred conversation about methods of raising squash to discussing his military campaigns.
 -Who never went to college.
- Who was turned down for a bank loan the day he was elected President.
- At any party he insisted on mixing the rum punch himself. 
-Who never used the word God or quoted the Bible in any of his letters or speeches,
- Would drive Martha to Sunday services, then wait outside smoking cigars.
- Who refused Last Rites at his deathbed…
- Who had his will free all his slaves after Martha's death, and sent them off with a cash pension, the only Founding Father to do so.
And without whom the U.S. would not be the same. Happy Birthday GW!

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