Friday, December 13, 2013

Animation Fun Facts for Dec 13, 2013 friday,

Birthdays: Heinrich Heine, Mary Todd Lincoln, Dick Van Dyke is 87, Mike Mosley, Darryl Zanuck Jr., George Schulz, Christopher Plummer is 84, Steve Buscemi is 56, Jamie Fox is 44, Lynn Holly Johnson, Wendy Malick, Taylor Swift is 24.
1940- Fleischer Popeye cartoon "Eugene the Jeep" .The Thimble Theater character would give its name to the new army General Purpose vehicle-  G.P. or "Jeep".
1961- Jimmy Dean’s folk ballad Big Bad John went to #1 of the country charts. Later Dean had his own TV variety show and started Jimmy Dean’s Pure Pork Sausage Company.
1969- Arlo Guthrie’s hit song Alice’s Restaurant released.
1971- Disney’s film Bedknobs and Broom Sticks opened.

1996- In Terry Gilliams’ sci-fi apocalypse epic the Plague of the 12 Monkeys was unleashed today, a virus that killed 4/5ths of the world’s population and drove the remainder underground.

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