Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Animation Fun Facts for July 2, 2013

Birthdays: Bishop Thomas Cranmer (1429) , Christoph Witobald Gluck, Herman Hesse, Medgar Evers, Patrice Lamumba, Thurgood Marshall, Andrez Kertesz, Richard Petty, Abe Levitow, Ahmad Jamal, Cheryl Ladd, Jose Canseco, Jerry Hall, Imelda Marcos, Ron Silver, Brock Peters, Larry David is 66, Lindsay Lohan is 27 1946-The Peace Treaty of Beverly Hills- SAG president Ronald Reagan brokered a labor settlement between the two rival Hollywood Unions, IATSE vs. CSU., temporarily ending a violent Hollywood strike. At this time Reagan went to work every day with a 32 cal. Smith & Wesson under his coat. 1955-The Lawrence Welk T.V. Show debuts. Wannaful,wannafull ! 1982- Don Bluth’s The Secret of Nimh premiered. 1986- Walt Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective released in theaters.

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