Sunday, June 23, 2013

Animation Fun Facts for June 23, 2013

Birthdays: Roman Emperor Augustus, Josephine Bonaparte, Alan Turing, Bob Fosse, James Levine, Dan Ogilvy of Ogilvy & Meyers, Joss Whedon, Dr Alfred Kinsey the sex researcher, The Duke of Windsor, Selma Blair, Justice Clarence Thomas, Frances MacDormand is 56 1979- The Knack released the single My Sharona. 1989- Tim Burton’s film " Batman" opened. 1995- Pocahontas went into General Release. 1993- Lorena Bobbit had tired of her abusive husband John Wayne Bobbit. So this night while he was drunk, she severed his penis and drove off, casually tossing it into a nearby field. Doctors recovered the free willy and reattached it, starting a media sensation. They divorced and John Bobbitt became a porn star. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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