Saturday, June 1, 2013

Animation Fun Facts for June 1, 2013

Birthdays: Brigham Young, Marilyn Monroe would be 87, Pat Boone, Mikhail Glinka, Red Grooms, Karl Von Clausewitz, Andy Griffith, Morgan Freeman is 76, Nelson Riddle, Lisa Hartman, Cleavon Little, Frederica Von Stade, Powers Booth, Rene Aubergjenois, Lisa Hartman, Brian Cox is 67, Heidi Klum is 40 1931- 48 year old Swiss artist Albert Hurter joined the Disney staff, giving the look of cartoons like Snow White a more Germanic storybook look. His hiring created a new type of job at the studio, an Inspirational Sketch Artist, what we call today a Vis-Dev artist. 1933 - Charlie Chaplin wed actress Paulette Goddard 1936 - "Lux Radio Theater" moved from NYC to Hollywood. 1939- SUPERMAN- Joe Seigel and Jerry Shuster, two aspiring cartoonists in High School create a character called “Superman”. Jewish kids, they had read about the Nazis racial concept of the Aryan Superman. They wanted to show a Superman could be on the American side. On this day they sell all the rights to their characters to Detective Comics (D.C.) for $130. When the first megabudget Superman movie was being made in the 1976, the National Cartoonist's Society pointed out that Seigel and Schuster were now poverty stricken. They never shared a nickel of the multi-millions their creation had generated. Seigel was blind and Schuster delivered sandwiches from a local deli. The publicity forced Warner Bros and DC Comics to award them and their families pensions for life. 1967 –Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in the US and it immediately goes gold. 1968 - Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" hits #1 1979- Gannett News Services began USA Today, called by some critic's- 'MacPaper'. 1980- Ted Turner started CNN news channel.

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