Monday, April 8, 2013

Animation Fun Facts for April 8, 2013

HAD A GREAT TIME AT THE GENERAL MEETING AT USC TODAY. A FULL HOUSE OF EDUCATORS AND SKYPE HOOKUPS NATIONWIDE. THANKS TO ALL FOR MAKING IT A GREAT SUCCESS. Birthdays: Gautama Buddha –as commemorated by Japanese custom-Kambutsue, Ponce De Leon, King Albert of the Belgians, Mary Pickford, Yip Harburg, Betty Ford, Sonja Henje, Jim Catfish Hunter, Jacques Brel, Julian Lennon, Carmen McCrae, Shecky Green, Douglas Trumbull, Robin Wright-Penn is 47, Patricia Arquette 1876- Amiliare Ponchielli’s opera La Gioconda debuted. The ballet portion is famous as the Dance of the Hours. 1911-Vitagraph releases Winsor McCay's short cartoon "Little Nemo" theatrically. 1973- Famed artist Pablo Picasso died at 91. His last words were 'Drink to me'. On his night table was a comic book drawn by former Disney animator Vip Partch.

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