Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Animation Fun Facts for March 26, 2013

B-Days: Harald von Braunhut 1926- the inventor of Sea Monkeys, Robert Frost, Chico Marx, Conde Nast, Tennessee Williams, Alfred Houseman, Joseph Cambell, General William Westmorland, Erica Jong,, Duncan Hines, Bob Woodward, Leonard Nimoy is 82 Alan Arkin, James Caan is 73, Diana Ross is 69, Justice Sandra Day-O¹Connor, Martin Short, Bob Elliot of Bob & Ray, Michael Imperioli is 47, Keira Knightley is 28 1900- The Happy Hooligan comic strip. 1959- Writer Dashell Hammett died. 1969- The western movie 100 Rifles premiered. It broke taboos, because it featured uber-sexy Raquel Welch making love to uber-sexy black hero Jim Brown. And Burt Reynolds as the bandito Yaqui Joe Herrerra. 1970- Peter Yarrow of the folk group Peter, Paul & Mary admitted to having sex with a 14 year old girl. ³ If I had a Hammer …² 1975 - The Who¹s rock opera "Tommy" premiered in London. 1976- USC sophmore Levar Burton screen tested for the role of Kunta Kinte in the landmark TV miniseries Roots. 1976 - Wings release "Wings at the Speed of Sound" album . 1977 - Elvis Costello releases his 1st record "Less Than Zero" 1990- The Little Mermaid soundtrack and song "Under the Sea" win Oscars. 1997- Turner Animation's film 'Cat's Don't Dance" featuring the last film work of Gene Kelly. He was a consultant on the dance sequences. 2008- Arnold Schwarzenegger fired Clint Eastwood. No, its’ not a movie plot line. The former actor, turned Republican Governor, objected to a position of the actor/director and former Republican mayor took on the California State Parks Commission. 2228 - According to Star Fleet records- James T. Kirk, captain of Federation Star Ship Enterprise (Star Trek) was born. -----------------------

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