Sunday, February 3, 2013

Animation Fun Facts for Feb 3, 2013 Sun

Birthdays- French King Charles VI the Mad –1380, Felix Mendelson-Bartoldy, Horace Greely, Gideon Mantell 1790-pioneer British fossil hunter that named the Iguanadon, Pretty Boy Floyd, Gertrude Stein, Norman Rockwell, James A. Michener, Joey Bishop, Shelley Berman, John Fiedler the voice of Piglet, Victor Buono, Blythe Danner is 70, Morgan Fairchild is 63, Nathan Lane is 57 1930- Roy Disney signed a deal with M. George Borgfeldt Co. of New York to sell figurines of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Disney merchandising is born! 1945- Walt Disney’s the Three Caballeros premiered. 1986- Steve Jobs bought the George Lucas Film Graphics Division, now under their new name Pixar Inc. 1989- Swiss firm L'Oreal/Nestle bought animation studio Filmation from Westinghouse and shut it down laying off 229 artists the day before a new federal regulation requiring a company give it's employees 60 day notice before closing went into effect. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE 2013 ANNIE AWARD RECIPIENTS!! .

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