Friday, February 22, 2013

Animation Fun Facts for Feb 22, 2013

Birthdays: George Washington, Frederic Chopin, Edward St. Vincent Millay, John Mills, cartoonist Edward Gorey, Luis Bunuel, Ted Kennedy, Dr. J- Julius Erving, Dwight Frye- Renfield in Dracula, Sparky Anderson, Sheldon Leonard, Charlie O. Finley, Nicky Lauda, Don Pardo, Jonathan Demme, Jeri Ryan, Kyle McLachlan is 53, Rachael Dratch, Steve Erwin, Drew Barrymore is 37 1911-The Kester Ranch in the San Fernando Valley becomes the town of Van Nuys, named for early settler Issac Newton Van Nuys. 1924- President Coolidge becomes first president to address the nation over the radio.

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