Sunday, February 17, 2013

Animation Fun Facts for Feb 17, 2013

Birthdays: Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, Montgomery Ward, Red Barber, Michael Jordan, Marian Anderson, Chaim Potok, Jim Brown, Rene Russo, Michael Bay, Jerry O’Connell, Cybil Shepard, Lou Diamond Phillips is 51, Denise Richards is 42 and Paris Hilton is 32, Hal Holbrook is 88, Joseph Gordon Levitt is 44. 1925- First issue of Harold Ross’s The New Yorker magazine. 1942- Ernst Lubitsch’s screwball comedy about the Nazis "To Be , Or Not To Be" debuted. Adolf Hitler enters a room and after everyone "Seig Heil" salutes him, he replies "Heil Myself!" But the comedy flopped, in part because it’s female star Carole Lombard had died tragically in a plane crash shortly before the film opened. 1958 – Johnny Hart’s comic strip "BC" 1st appears 1967 – The Beatles release "Penny Lane" & "Strawberry Fields" 1979- A Prairie Home Companion radio show starring Garrison Keilor was first broadcast nationally. It was a feature on Minnesota Public Radio since 1974. 1989- "Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure" premiered starring the most excellent Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. Whoah-Dude!

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