Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Animation Fun Facts for January 2nd, 2013

HELLO EVERYONE! Sorry we were down for a little while over the holidays, but we are back now. Birthdays: Frederic Opper the cartoonist of Happy Hooligan, Roger Miller, Issac Asimov, Julius LaRosa, Tito Schipa, Renata Tebaldi, Tex Ritter, Cuba Gooding Jr, is 45, Tia Carrere, Kate Bosworth is 30 1937- Hollywood actor Ross Alexander had hit on tough times. He had been in a few movies like Captain Blood and A Midsummer Nights’s Dream but his career seemed to be stalled and he was deeply in debt. This day the 29 year old went into the barn behind his Valley ranch home and shot himself. The Warner Bros. Studio looked around for a replacement to refill their roster of male leads. They replaced Alexander with an Illinois college sportscaster named “Dutch”- Ronald Reagan. 1984- The Zenith Corporation announced it would stop selling video recorders in Betamax format and go over wholly to VHS. Other electronics giants followed suit and VHS won out over the higher quality Beta system. 2000 Larry Saunders had a conversation with his friend Jimmy Wales about writing data entries for collaborative websites called wikis. Saunders conceived of an open on-line encyclopedia encompassing all knowledge. He called it Wikipaedia. CONGRATULATIONS ON SURVIVING THE HOLIDAYS, AND HAVE A GREAT 2013!

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