Sunday, December 2, 2012

Animation Fun Facts Dec 2, 2012

Birthdays: George Seurat, Charles Ringling, Julie Harris, Gianni Verasce, Ray Walston, Monica Seles, Cathy Lee Crosby, Lucy Liu is 44, Britney Spears is 31 1854-Napoleon III was Napoleon's nephew and since 1848 legally elected President of the Second French Republic. But he decided that he wanted to be an Emperor like his uncle so he seized dictatorial power,and arrested all dissenters like Victor Hugo, Alex DeTocqueville and cartoonist Honore' Daumier (gotta watch them cartoonists...) 1877- Camille Saint Saens opera “Samson & Dalila” with the Dance of the Seven Veils premiered in Weimar. 1935- Animator Marc Davis first day at Walt Disney Studios. He retired in 1978.

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