Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for Nov 6, 2012

Please Go Vote! As Adlai Stevenson said " In America, anyone can become president. That is the risk we take." Birthdays: Sophocles 495BC., Joanna La Loca (the Mad- 1479), John Phillip Sousa, Joseph Smith the founder of Mormonism, Ignacz Paderewski, Charles Dow of Dow Jones, Adolphus Sax inventor of the Saxophone, James Naismith the inventor of Basketball, Mike Nichols, Edsel Ford, Ed Rehberg, Sally Field is 65, Ray Coniff, John Olsen of the comedy duo Olsen & Johnson, Harold Ross the founder of the New Yorker magazine, Maria Shriver is 56, Rebecca Romjin 2009- Disney released Robert Zemeckis mo-cap movie A Christmas Carol, with Jim Carrey.

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