Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for Nov 20, 2012

Birthdays: Robert F. Kennedy, Maya Plisetskaya, Gene Tierney, Dick Smothers, Bo Derek is 57, Sean Young is 47, Richard Dawson, Estelle Parsons, Barbera Hendricks, Duane Allman, Joe Walsh, Chester Gould the creator of Dick Tracy, Alastair Cooke, Ming Na the voice of Muhlan, Sam Wright the voice of Sebastian in Little Mermaid 1994- Rock & Roll star David Crosby received a new liver. 1998- Several state governments and the US tobacco industry reach a landmark settlement arising from lawsuits over smoking illnesses. The trial also killed off once and for all ads featuring The Marlboro Cowboy and Joe Camel, a cartoon character that at one point was as recognizable to children as Donald Duck. 1998- Pixar’s film A Bugs Life was generally released.

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