Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for Oct 3rd, 2012

Birthdays: Gore Vidal, Mikail Lermontov, Harvey Kurtzman, Chubby Checker, James Herriot, Eleanor Duse, Emily Post, Leo McCarey the director of the Marx Brothers Duck Soup and many Laurel & Hardy shorts, Steven Reich, Dave Winfield, Tommy Lee, Neve Cambell, Clive Owen is 48 1910- English comedians Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel first arrive in the U.S. with a touring British vaudeville company, the Fred Karno Troupe. 1955- 'Good Morning, Captain.' The Captain Kangaroo kiddy Show debuted on television. 1955- The Mickey Mouse Club TV show premiered. “Who’s the leader of the Band that’s Made for you and me…?” 1957-Walter Lantz's The Woody Woodpecker T.V. show debuts. 1961- The Dick Van Dyke Show premiered. It made stars of Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore and was written by ex-Sid Caesar writer Carl Reiner and Rocky & Bullwinkle writer Alan Burns. 2003- The Siegfried and Roy magic show in Las Vegas comes to an end after a large Bengal Tiger attacks Roy Horn and tears his throat open in front of an audience. Most thought it was part of the act. Dreamworks Animation was just completing it's show Father of the Pride, with a Sigfried and Roy characters

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