Monday, September 3, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for Sept 3, 2012

Birthdays: Alan Ladd, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, Irene Papas, Memphis Slim, Eddie Brat Stanky, Mort Walker creator of Beetle Bailey, Disney Nine Old Man Eric Larson, Mitzi Gaynor, Eileen Brennan, Valerie Perrine is 69, Charlie Sheen is 47 1833- The New York Sun began publication, the first American mass circulation newspaper. 1930- The first issue of the Hollywood Reporter. 1939- British Prime Minister Chamberlain's war announcement with Germany interrupts a Disney Cartoon "Mickey's Gala Premiere" showing on the nascent BBC television service. Television shuts down for the duration. 1946- After the War, the BBC television service resumes and an announcer says:" Well now, where were we?" They continue the Mickey cartoon from where it was interrupted in 1939. World War Two probably held back for a decade the development of television. 1950- Mort Walker's "Beetle Bailey" comic strip first appeared. 1960- The Hanna-Barbera show 'Lippy the Lion and Hardy-Harr-Harr" premiered.

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