Sunday, August 12, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for 8/12/2012 sun.

Birthdays: Cecil B. DeMille, The alien Alf- 1757, Cantinflas, Buck Owens, George Hamilton, screenwriter William Goldman, Mtsislav Rostropovitch, Xenia Sharpe (educator who invented the childrens reader Dick and Jane, See Dick Run...etc.) Kathy Lee Bates-the author of the song America the Beautiful, John Casale-I'm not Fredo! Casey Affleck is 37. 1877-THE BIRTH OF RECORDED SOUND. Thomas Edison announced his sound recording invention and demonstrates it by recording "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on a tin cylinder. 1927- the William Wellman movie WINGS opened with Howard Arliss and Buddy Rogers, the only silent film to win best picture at the Academy Awards before the advent of sound. The second film was The Artist, only just last year. 1951- Bob McKimson’s Warner Bros short Hillbilly Hair. The short includes the long routine animated by Emery Hawkins when Bugs Bunny takes over calling a square dance and uses it to torture the two twin brother Hillbillies who are after him. 1981- IBM introduced its first PC- personal computer and PC-DOS I.. Unlike Apple, IBM shared the basic hardware design, so a myriad of cheaper competitor PC’s soon flooded the market.

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