Friday, July 6, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for July 6, 2012

Birthdays: Sylvester Stallone is 66- voice in Dreamworks Antz , Sebastian Cabot-voice of Bageira in Jungle Book, Disney concept artist James Bordrero, Geoffrey Rush, Ned Beatty is 75, Jennifer Saunders is 54- who did a voice in Shrek II. 1957-Chuck Jones short "What’s Opera, Doc?" debuts. “Kill da wa-bitt, kill da wa-bitt..." 1964 - Beatles' film "Hard Day's Night" premieres in London. The bands iconoclastic, antics portrayed by Richard Lesters surreal free style direction set the style for the music videos of the future. 1998- French workers at Disneyland Paris theme park went on strike for better pay and not having to smile all the time like Americans do.

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