Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for July 4, 2012 US Independence Day

Great cartoonist Rube Goldberg Born. 1776- It took two months for the news to cross the Atlantic. In London, King George III wrote in his diary for July 4th, 1776:" Nothing important happened today..." 1862- Oxford mathematics professor Charles Dodgson rowed ten year old Alice Liddell and her sister up the Thames in a small punt. The little girls begged him for a story, so Dodgson made up fantastic tales of March Hares, Mad Hatters and the Queen of Hearts. Dodgson later wrote them down and published them in 1865 as Alice in Wonderland. He used the pen name Lewis Carroll, which was a joke on the fact that Renaissance scholars adopted big stuffy Latin names like Ludovicus Carolus Magnus. 1956- MIT's TX-1 Whirlwind computer added a keyboard to type in data and instructions faster than punchcards. First computer Keyboard.

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