Monday, July 30, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for July 30, 2012 mon

Birthdays: Georgio Vasari, Henry Ford, Emily Bronte',Vladimir Zworykin who invented the television picture tube, Arnold Schwarzenegger aka the Governator is 65,Lawrence Fishburne is 51, Jean Reno is 64, Hilary Swank is 38, Christopher Nolan, Lisa Kudrow is 50 1932-Walt Disney’s “Flowers and Trees” the first Technicolor Cartoon. Disney had worked out a deal with Technicolor creator Herbert Kalmus to use his technique exclusively for two years to show larger Hollywood studios its quality. 1936- Producer David O. Selznick buys the movie rights to the best selling book “Gone With The Wind” from an ailing Irving Thallberg. The "boy genius" Thallberg was hoping that Selznick would ruin himself in the process of making this film. Thalberg was convinced that GWTW would prove to be a massive flop because "Costume dramas are box office poison." Doh!

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