Saturday, July 28, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for July 28, 2012 sat

Birthdays: Jacqueline Kennedy, Richard Rogers, Marcel Duchamp, Rudy Vallee. Sally Struthers Peter Duchin, Joe E. Brown, Jim Davis the creator of Garfield, Elizabeth Berkley, Earl Tupper the inventor of Tupperware 1788- Master British portrait painter Sir Joshua Reynolds visited the other master British portrait painter Sir Thomas Gainsborough, who was dying or cancer. They had been enemies for years but now at the end they made up. When Reynolds left him Gainsborough said "Goodbye until we meet in the Hereafter, Van Dyck in our company." 1841- The body of Mary Cecilia Rogers was pulled out of New York Harbor. The sensational murder of the “Beautiful Cigar Girl” inspired Edgar Allen Poe to write “ The Mystery of Marie Roget.” 1858- The French photographer Nadar went up in a balloon and took the first aerial photograph. 1948- In honor of the death of D.W. Griffith, all Hollywood studios observed three minutes of silence. 1948- The Premiere of that utterly memorable film " ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN." For you hardcore film trivia fans this film is the only other time than the original Tod Browning movie that Bela Lugosi played Count Dracula on film.

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