Monday, July 9, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for 7/9/2012

Birthdays: David Hockney,Kelly McGillis, Chris Cooper, O.J.Simpson, Courtenay Love is 52, Debbie Sludge is 58, Brian Dennehy is 74, Tom Hanks of Toy Story is 56 1980 - Walt Disney's the "Fox & The Hound," released. The first film Walt Disney had no influence on. Although the film has brief screen credits, it marks the torch being passed from the Nine Old Men golden age generation to the modern generation of animators. A complete personnel roster would include Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Tim Burton, John Lasseter, Bill Kroyer, Don Bluth, Lorna Cook, Henry Sellick, Brad, Bird, Steve Hulett, John Musker, Jerry Reese, Glen Keane and many more. 1993- Industrial Light & Magic completes it’s transition to digital technology by shutting down it’s Anderson Optical Printer. The Optical Printer system of mattes had been the way Motion Picture visual effects had been done since Melies in 1909, but the Digital Revolution had changed everything.

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