Monday, June 25, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for 6/25/2012

Cartoonist and Superfriends designer Alex Toth born. 1870- Toi Yo ta Hoooo! Richard Wagner's opera Die Walkure premiered in Munich. Chuck Jones Bugs Bunny short What's Opera Doc, came later. 1951- After losing a power struggle to Dory Schary, Louis B. Mayer announced he was stepping down as head of MGM. Mayer in his time was the most powerful man in Hollywood. He kept an all white office, modeled after Mussolini’s in Rome. 1951 - 1st color TV broadcast-CBS' Arthur Godfrey from NYC to 4 cities 1982- Ridley Scott’s sci-fi film Blade Runner opened. 1997- Disney's animated film Hercules released.

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