Saturday, February 11, 2012

Animation Fun Facts for Saturday Feb 11,2012

Birthdays: Eva Gabor voice in Disney's The Rescuers, animator Al Eugster, Brandy Norwood-Voice on Osmosis Jones, Jennifer Aniston is 43, a voice on The Iron Giant.

1936- Famed German Expressionist animator Oscar Fishinger escaped Nazi Germany for the U.S.

1948- Famed Russian film director Sergei Eisenstein died of a heart attack.

1963- Bell Jar author Sylvia Plath laid out bread and butter and two glasses of milk for her children, then stuck her head into an oven and committed suicide. Her poet husband Ted Hughes who had abandoned her, waited until 1998 to tell his side of the story. Hughes wrote stories for his children like The Iron Giant.

1976-Chuck Jone’s TV special "Mowgli’s Brothers."

1995- Disney Studios planned neighborhood suburban community Celebration opened.

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