Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6th Anim Educators Trivia

Andreana Casselotti born, the voice of Disney's Snow White.

1919- Wizard of Oz creator L.Frank Baum died of heart disease at 62. He was trying at the time to buy real estate in Los Angeles for an Oz- theme amusement park.

1937- THE FLEISCHER STRIKE-Cartoonists vote to strike Max Fleischers Studio after Max fires 13 animators for union activity and complaining about the 6 day work week.

The strike was settled several weeks later when parent company Paramount forced Max to concede. Strikers sang "We're Popeye the Union Man! We're Popeye the Union Man! We'll Fight to the Finish, Cause We Can't Live on Spinach ! We're Popeye...etc."

2005- Animation designer and story artist Joe Grant died just days shy of his 97th birthday. He started at Walt Disney Studio in 1934, left in 1949, returned in 1990 and worked until his death. He touched every Disney feature from Snow White to The Incredibles. He named Monsters, Inc, and his dog Lady was the inspiration for Lady and the Tramp. He died at home, at his desk while drawing. He was found with a pencil in his hand.

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