Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun Facts for May 3rd

Animator Nina Paley Born

1888- Poem "Casey at the Bat" published. Later made into a successful short cartoon by Walt Disney, with Jerry Colonna narrating.

1948-THE PARAMOUNT DECISION- In 1938 the independent theater chains had brought suit in Federal court against the major Hollywood Studios over their monopolistic practices. Ten years later the Supreme Court ruled the Motion Picture Studios did constitute a monopoly and under the Sherman AntiTrust Act ordered them to sell their theater chains. One casualty of this rule was the short cartoon. Because theater managers no longer were forced to run a cartoon, newsreel and short with a feature (block-booking), they opted for the time to run more showings of the main feature.

1969- Groundbreaking in Valencia for The California Institute of the Arts. The Walt Disney studio paid for the school that merged the Chouinard Art Institute and the LA Conservatory of Music and created a major program for character animation.

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